Notifier is a public safety startup that aims to make communities safer by providing real-time notifications about potential threats, such as crimes or other incidents, to help people stay safe and protect their loved ones. Our app allows users to receive alerts about events happening near them, so they can be aware of potential dangers and take necessary precautions. Our goal is to help people stay informed and prepared in the face of potential threats to their safety.
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Lack of awareness about local incidents and emergencies can pose potential dangers and risks. Without the ability to easily access relevant information on their mobile devices, people may experience stress and anxiety, making it difficult for them to stay informed and prepared for such events.
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The application provides real-time notifications to the user about significant incidents nearby. This is achieved by transcribing streams of police radio frequencies, 911 services, and firefighters, as well as by utilizing the help of the community.
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Real-time notifications about incidents nearby.
Quickly share info with friends and family for their safety. Multiple language options for non-fluent speakers. Notifications about a wide range of incidents and emergencies. Detailed maps and directions for easier navigation around potential dangers.
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